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Kicks N Sticks

Smart Hockey Ball

Kicks & Sticks SmartBall is the biggest innovation in hockey training equipment/technology synergy we have ever seen!

Scan > Style > Stats > Skills > Score > Simple!

SCAN - All you have to do in order to have access to the worlds first hockey gamification programme, is simply buy a SMARTBALL and link your phone/device to a free app that you can download from the app store on your device.

SELECT - Once you have set up a player profile on your device, you are ready to unlock the full potential that SMARTBALL has to offer. There are different exercises you can choose from and each drill has a video demonstration which will show you how to complete it, it couldn't be easier.

STATS - The app keeps track of your progress and charts your personal development, just press the Stats button and all of your data from your sessions can be viewed.

SCORE - As you train you collect coins, the more coins you earn, the more super cool stuff you can buy in order to customise your personal avatar. Once you finish each session, you can press the "Prove it" button allowing you to share your progress or top scores with others.