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Product Care

With hockey being such a fast-paced dynamic sport, our gear goes through some serious stress. There are many solutions and tips and tricks to extending the life of your hockey equipment.

Take care on synthetic surfaces - we encourage care to be taken when playing on certain surfaces such as sand based pitches that will significantly increase the wearing of the stick and shoes.

Stick clashes are an inescapable factor in field hockey, applying shaft guard can help protect the cosmetics of a stick and help extend the life by preventing small chips early on.

There are many stick and shoe repair kits on the market and applying early on can extend the life of your stick or shoes.

Grips are adjustable - As the grip on a stick is often changed to suit a players specific requirements the factory grips are not permanently fixed. The grips can come loose from time to time and is an easy fix. Our friendly staff in store will be more than happy to help fix it up.

Keep your gear dry – Constant dampness softens materials and weakens bonds, drying and airing out your gear between each use will help increase its life span (and help improve the smell).

Select the right product for you – Everyone is different and will wear through their products differently, selecting the right product from the beginning will go a long way to extending the life of your gear.

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