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Staff Pick

Safety Shin Guards

Size: Small
Colour: White
Size chart
Mazon Shinpad Size Guide
Safety Deluxe L 31cm 26cm 38cm Dual
M 31cm 24cm 38cm Dual
S 27cm 22cm 33cm Dual
Stealth L 28cm 24cm - None
M 27cm 24cm - None
S 24cm 21cm - None
XS 21cm 18cm - None
Proforce L 28cm 27cm 35cm None
M 25cm 24cm 32cm None
S 23cm 20cm 29cm None
Pro L 30cm 30cm 38cm None
M 26cm 27cm 35cm None
S 25cm 21cm 31cm None
Star M 27cm 22cm 32cm None
S 26cm 18cm 30cm None
XS 20cm 17cm - None
XXS 16cm 14cm - None
ST XS 21cm 18cm - Single
XXS 18cm 14cm - Single
Includes the Deluxe Inner, designed to minimize skin irritation & fit securely to your leg with velcro straps. Recognised as the ultimate in shin & ankle protection. The unique moulding process produces a shinguard that is anatomically shaped for protection & comfort. Light-weight & tough, the Mazon Safety Deluxe Shinguards have an unbeatable 5 year guarantee & come with a free shinguard carry bag.