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ROBO Plus GK Kit

Top of the line elite OBO ROBO plus kit. Features gear from the ROBO Hi-Rebound and OBO ROBO Plus Range.

If you need any help with size or selection : Please call: (07)5752005 or email

Note: Some items may vary from image.
  • Includes:

    OBO ABS Helmet
    OBO ROBO Throat Guard
    OBO ROBO Arm Guards
    OBO ROBO Chest Guard
    OBO Goalie Shirt, Short Sleeve Tight
    OBO ROBO Left Hand Protector
    OBO ROBO Plus+ Right Hand Protector
    OBO ROBO Plus + Legguards
    OBO ROBO Plus+ Kickers
    OBO ROBO Hot Pants
    OBO ROBO Overpants
    OBO ROBO Groin / Pelvic Guard
    OBO ROBO GK Stick
    OBO Stand Up Wheelie GK Bag